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As of Update 11, there are ten permanent Dungeons, Ancient Jungle, Coral Kingdom, Crystal Cave, Sacred Sands, Candy Land, Sinister Sewers,Magical Mushrooms, Space Base, Daring Dojo, and Cryptic Castle. There were also two limited time event dungeons that were in the game. These were Bright Beach and Spooky Mansion. In addition, there are six modes, Easy, Medium, Hard, Demon, Impossible, and Endless.

From Easy to Endless, it will get increasingly more difficult, in the Easy Mode you will have 6 hearts, Medium Mode you will have 4 hearts, Hard Mode you will have 2 hearts, Demon Mode you will have only 1 heart, Impossible Mode is 2x harder than Demon Mode and you will have one life too, the choices of doing game mode are Endless, Uncapped, Minibosses and Endless Uncapped, Endless is the mode that will be continued going on, it is very good for exp runs, Uncapped is that the dungeon level started off at the lowest level player's level, Miniboss is that all the mobs are minibosses and the mob that suppose to be the mini-boss is just a random mob, it is very good when you want to do a Quest, Endless Uncapped is a mode that will be continued going and the dungeon level will start off as the lowest level player's level. If you lose all of your hearts and die, you can revive for 24 ROBUX-Icon. You can get one extra heart by purchasing the Extra Life gamepass.

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