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Cosmetics are items that only change the appearance of your weapon or armor. They have no effect in any other aspect of the items. They can be purchased from the Cosmetics Shop with Robux, and are available as Legendary (50ROBUX-Icon), Mythical (100ROBUX-Icon), and Ultimate (150ROBUX-Icon) items. Shown in the image are examples of some cosmetics from the shop. The inventory changes every 24 hours.

As of the Easter update (Update 20) cosmetics are also available as loot after defeating a boss, with a 1% drop chance. Below are listed some legendary cosmetics.

Drop Cosmetics

  • Blue Demon Tail
  • Blue Robot
  • Crimsonwrath
  • Fiery Mecha
  • Giant Wooden Sword
  • Green Demon Tail
  • Red Robot
  • Swordpack
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