Effects are decorative auras that can be added to weapons. Effects can be purchased at the Effects Shop for 124 ROBUX-Icon each. They can also be obtained by using the Effect Potion and redeeming Codes. Once obtained, effects enter the inventory before it is used.

Effect Image Effect Image
Terror Terror Effect Ghoul Ghoul Effect
100 Million 100 Million Effect 50 Million 50 Million Effect
Biohazard Biohazard Effect Blaze Blaze Effect
Blue Embers Blue Embers Effect Bolt Bolt Effect
Bubble Bubble Effect Comet Comet Effect
Embers Embers Effect Emoji Emoji Effect
Galactic Galactic Effect Heal Heal Effect
Honey Honey Effect Lightshow Lightshow Effect
Nova Nova Effect Nuclear Nuclear Effect
OOF OOF Effect Paintjob Paintjob Effect
Popstar Popstar Effect Prism Prism Effect
Rainbow Embers Rainbow Embers Effect Shadow Shadow Effect
Stealth Stealth Effect Twilight Twilight Effect
Twinkle Twinkle Effect Venomous Venomous Effect
Verdant Verdant Effect Volt Volt Effect


  • Once an effect is used on an item, it cannot be reused.
  • You can remove an effect from an item, but you won't get it back and it will be deleted permanently.
  • On June 15th, a limited time effect called "50 Million" was added into the game to celebrate Treasure Quest reaching 50 million visits. It can now only be obtained by redeeming the code, 50millionvisits.
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