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Magical Mushrooms is a Dungeon that is themed around mushrooms. It features fictional enemies and a fictional-themed boss named the Golden Unicorn.


  • Golden Unicorn (Boss)
  • Elf Wizard
  • Fairy
  • Gnome
  • Leprechaun
  • Mushroom Wizard
  • Tree Man


  • In addition to the above Mobs, a variety of minibosses can also be found here.
  • The Elf Wizard was added in Update 16.

Item Drops

Magical Mushrooms Items
Prize WheelHalloween ShopChristmas Shop
Ancient JungleCoral KingdomCrystal Cave
Sacred SandsCandy LandSinister Sewers
Bright BeachMagical MushroomsSpace Base
Daring DojoCryptic CastleSpooky Mansion
Santa's Workshop


Amethyst BladeAmethyst TrenchAppleBlue MushroomGreen MushroomHorseshoeNinja SaiPink MushroomStickStone ScytheStone Spiky ClubUnicornWoodland Staff

Death ShroomerFrosterGolden HorseshoeLogLove CrusherMagical BladeMagma ShroomerSlime ShroomerSun SmasherVine Book

Bamboo KatanaToilet Paper

ImmortalRainbow PeriastronTempest


ArrowBalloon NinjaGnome HatOrange UnicornPink UnicornPurple UnicornShrub Sorcerer

Bronze CrownMushroom CapShiny UnicornSpiked CrownUgly Bucket

Fire ShogunMagician Top Hat

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