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About the Game
Treasure Quest is a dungeon crawler RPG Roblox experience developed by Nosniy Games. The objective of the experence is to collect weapons or armor from dungeons to become more powerful. The higher a player's level, the more dungeons the player is able to explore.
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Recent Updates

Current Update


🗿 New Boss Fight: MonoIith Returns!
🥚 New Eggs Currency! Earn them from Dungeons and Quests!
🛍️ New Limited Spring 2022 Shop!
🌻 New Spring Lobby!
🔍 Egg Hunt around the lobby!
🧪 3 New Limited Time Recipes!
📜 2 New Limited Time Quest Rewards!
💰 3 New Packs!
🏆 New Prize Wheel items!
⚙️ New Setting: Environment Shadows
➕ A LOT MORE! Check out the in-game changelog for all the details!

Previous Update


⚙️ New "Smog Sanctum" Dungeon! Level 225+
🏆 New Prize Wheel items!
🧪 New Crafting Recipe: Smogpunk Scythe
💰 2 New Mythical Packs: Void Pack & Lovely Pack!
🏅 2 New Badges: Raid Smog Sanctum & Smogvial Axe!
📖 Prize Wheel collection has been split up into individual collections for each Prize Wheel that's been released!
🎒 You can now buy 50 backpack slots in bulk instead of 5 with Robux! Note: You can only buy this if you own all of the Backpack Slots gamepasses
❄️ Winter Event is over! Candy has been converted to Gold, Hyperfrost has disappeared, & the lobby has started to melt!


❄️ New Boss Fight: Hyperfrost Returns!
🍬 New Mints Currency! Earn them from Dungeons and Quests!
🛍️ New Limited Winter 2021 Shop!
☃️ New Winter Lobby!
🛡️ New Emblem Swapper! Swap your current emblem to any previous emblem you've unlocked!
🔎 Ornament Hunt around the lobby! Find all 6 for a limited time reward!
🎁 New Gift Items! Put an item in a gift and give it to a friend!
🏷️ New Nametags! Use one of these to rename your items!
🧙‍♂️ Magic Merchant now sells Nametags & Gift Boxes!
➡️ New Dungeon progress bar!
⚙️ New Squad Level Requirement Setting!
🧪 4 New Limited Time Recipes: Amyr, Electraxe, Hyperfrost, & Butterfly Summoner!
🗡️ 2 New Limited Time Quest Rewards: Frostbite & Snowstorm!
🏆 New Prize Wheel items!
📜 New Extra Quest Gamepass! Permanently unlock an extra quest slot!
🤺 New Customize Gamepass! Allows you to change your Idle & Attack animations!
💰 3 New Packs: Minty Pack, Frozen Pack, & Community Pack!
🌟 Daily Rewards give a bonus Festive Chest reward during the Winter 2021 event!
⚔️ Dual Wield players can now use their secondary weapon's ability without switching weapons!
✨ 27 New Permanent Effects! These can be found in Effect chests or the Robux item shop!
🏅 2 New Badges: Defeat Hyperfrost, & Festive Wings!
🎃 Fall Event Over!
⚙️ Quality of Life changes and fixes!

VIP Servers for Treasure Quest are now FREE!!!

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